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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Platform or System: 
mobile platform
Platform note: 
played on HTC G1
Short Introduction: 
Psychological donkey-monkey two-player mobile spoofing game for teenagers. Get all the bananas from the rival monkey and don't allow to make a donkey from you!
Screen Shot: 
Installation Notes: 

1. Unpack all the files.
2. Install using .apk file in the bin folder.

Tested and played on HTC G1

Brief Play Description: 

Psychological donkey-monkey mobile ringtone-based spoofing game for teenagers.

1. Psychological.
In our game the players are playing against each other, they can see the reaction of the opponent and choose the strategy based on it. So put your poker face on!

2. Donkey-monkey.
That was the time-zone theme for the game. In our game monkey is a clever player and donkey is the player who will lose all the bananas in the end. You should be really a clever monkey to win the game. Try it!

3. Mobile.
Out exiting game can be played everywhere: in the trams and buses, on the way to school and Uni. More people around will make the game more funny! Take your Android with you and have fun!

4. Ringtone-based.
Ringtones in our game is the main feature. They are making the game different from all the rest. In the first version we have all the ringtones already included into the package of the game. Later users will be able to add their own.

5. Turn-based
To play the game you need only one Android device. After making the move you should just give it to your friend.

6. Spoofing.
The game is based on deception. The idea is to make your opponent to eat the exploding banana, get all his bananas, become a clever monkey in the end and show who is the donkey.

7. For teenagers.
We have chosen teenagers as our main target group and hope that they will enjoy the game.
Don't lose time - try our game right now and send us the feedback)

Accomplishments and credits
Team Image: 
Yaroslav Sheptykin, Oliver Assad, Dileep Sankarasubban Parameswaran, Alexander Tyapkov, Saranat Tiemkeo
GGJ-2010 Achievements: 
Take Five Game

Submitted at Digital Media Jam (Germany)


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