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The Break-In

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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Done in Flash
Short Introduction: 
In Progress This game, as of right now, is a prototype of an idea that turned out to be much harder in its execution that we orriginally planned for. The game is by no means complete, however most of the mechanics and assets were able to be worked in. Given another day, we could have probably pulled it off.
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As mentioned, the game is very much incomplete, so what is written below is what it was hoped to have been.

You begin the game as an electrician called in to a military base because someone fried the circuitboard attempting to turn on all the defense systems at once (the more, the merrier, am I right?). The worst part is, intelligence reports indicate that a spy is on his way to steal an item of great importance from the base, and with the power out, the perfect time to strike would be as soon as possible. It's up to you to to get the defense systems back online.

The first half of the game is traversing each floor and managing which "traps" to activate in preparation for the spy. Each floor can only sustain a certain amount of power before the circuit blows, so choose carefully. You work your way down to the very bottom floor of the base where the safest, most secure room, is found, and in need of security.

"Steal it. Get out alive."

The 2nd half of the game is the player going back out as the guards come in to apprehend him. The traps, as you might expect, do exactly what they are meant to do: Keep people out. As you escape up the floors back to the main entrance, the guards pour in, only to be stopped by the very traps you were sent in to repair.

Good luck, and godspeed.

Accomplishments and credits
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James Cramer - Design Lead, Lead Programmer Ed Lorenceu - General Design, Level Design, assistant programmer Collin Windmuller - Design, Assistant Programmer, Sound Design/Composition, Technical Advisor Brendan Balcewicz - Design, Level Design, titling, art creation Joe Rothenberg - Lead Artist, Animator Haley Hughes - Lead Animator, artist

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