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Cakeguns and Deathlazerz

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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Short Introduction: 
A game so addictive that you'll want to quit within seconds!
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

Run the .exe file.

Brief Play Description: 

Upon opening our .exe you will be presented with a menu in which you can choose a character. We suggest that you read the help file (press the F1 key) to get a good idea of the characters before playing.
Note: None of the characters are currently able to kill the enemy by jumping on it. The only way to kill them is currently to shoot them. Boris' level does not include the enemies. :D

1) Invisible Platforms

This game will seem buggy unless you read the help file first. This is due to the "deceptive" elements which we have introduced. The deception in this game is that most of the visible blocks are not solid and most of the solid blocks are invisible. It is possible, though extremely hard, to win the game by jumping from invisible block to invisible block until you get to the maze section. To accomplish this, it is a good idea to draw a map for yourself so that you know where the invisible blocks are.
To make winning the game easier, we give you these two hints:
--> The snake is rideable, though it takes a long time to arrive
--> The roof is not a roof, though it does mark the visible limits of the stage

Beta 0.01's help file can be accessed by pressing F1 anywhere in the game.

2) The Maze
Once you have made it past the invisible platform section, you enter the Maze. To win the game, you must touch the red flag in the bottom right corner. To do this, you have to navigate the Maze. The Maze is made up of blocks that continually change between solid and non solid, though if you are standing in the place where it would be when it became solid it has to wait for you to move. All of the blocks look the same whether they are solid or not.

3) The Next Level
The next level is currently incomplete, but standing on the flag might activate it. The goal, again, is to get to the red flag at the end of the level. To do this, you have to make it up the ladder of visible bricks (some of which are solid and some non-solid) to get past an invisible wall that prevents you from just walking to it. Once you have gotten over that, the challenge is to avoid the cars that will begin coming from the right side of the screen while moving towards the flag over blocks that are variously solid and non-solid (and again look exactly the same each other). Being hit by one of them will kill you. If you get to the flag, you will be sent to a "broken level" which is impossible to win.

4) Broken Level
This is level 3, and does not currently work. The next release probably won't fix this.
We suggest that you treat completing the first level as winning (it's certainly hard enough! :P).


Accomplishments and credits
Team Image: 
Level Programming - Daniel Spencer and Sam Evans Item Programming - Daniel Spencer Menu Programming and help file - Daniel Spencer Sprite-related programming - Liam Spriting - Liam McLaughlin Concept - Sam, Daniel, Liam and Bill Rogers Character names - Sam and #thebbs on irc.systemnet.info Name of game - Liam Name on loading screen - Sam after seeing the Turtle sprites for the first time Photo of team - Angela Martin Cake in logo - Provided before the event by An-chan off #thebbs Music - Not sure if it's actually in the Beta, but while testing Sam was using Warcraft 2 music

Submitted at Waikato University Global Game Jam (New Zealand)


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