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Game Information
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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Older Macintosh
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Platform or System: 
other platform
Platform note: 
Java is cross platform. Anything that runs Java!
Short Introduction: 
The Competitive Interactive Story-Telling Engine (CISTE) engages the player in a collaborative storytelling environment. The player must help the group tell the story, but still try to get certain elements includes in the story. 2+ players take turns round-robin to create a story.
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Brief Play Description: 

In round robin forum, each player is presented with the next line of the story, but given the option to change key elements. Future lines of the story are determined by the key elements changed by the player.

(For example, The Dragon _______ the maiden, with the options of "Ate, Ignored, Cast a Spell On, Was Smitten By"). The next line of the story is dynamicly determined by the traits of the option chosen.

The game is for 2+ player. Each player gets a turn to make a line for the story, then it repeats.

Each player is given a set of goals to accomplish during the story (Example: Main Character is a loner, Rage against heaven story, Skunk is used as a weapon). Players need to guide the story to accomplish their goal (and collaborate with other players). Some goals are mutually elusive, so they have to compete to get their goals in.

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Community Game
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EGA Lives Game

Submitted at CalPoly (United States)


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