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Cross-Beetle X and The Plug of Destiny

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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Platform or System: 
Platform note: 
XNA 3.1 - .NET Frame Work 3.5
Short Introduction: 
The Beetle Kingdom and the Slug Empire had been at war for generations. The Slug Empire, barbaric and ruthless, spread across the land with no care for culture or advancement. The Beetle Kingdom is technologically advanced, but the war has ruined its proud cities, decimated its laboratories. Only its Power Beetle armored soldiers could protect the helpless civilian populace. But even their proud military eventually ran out. No more heroes. Even the scientists who created the powered armor were all killed by the advancing Slug Empire. Eventually, only one frail, cowardly lab assistant remained. He had been working on a special set of power armor, and when a Slug Empire attack killed everyone in his laboratory, all he could do was hide in the X-Beetle armor. X-Beetle is a sentai beetle warrior. He has great power, but is incomplete. He is searching the Slug Empire for the legendary Plug of Destiny: a special attachment that will fully unlock the potential of his sentai suit. There are many flawed copies of the Plug of Destiny scattered throughout the land. X-Beetle must avoid the Slugs and find the one thing that will give him the power to really kick their asses.
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Installation Notes: 

Installation Notes: (System)
#1 Make up time for installing.
#2 Install .NET Framework 3.5
#3 Install XNA Framework 3.1

Installation Notes: (for You)
#1 Be in a good mood.
#2 Don't eat too much.
#3 Get proper rest
#4 Enjoy the game!
#5 Don't send us negative feedback.
NOTE: We are actually aware that we FAIL.

Brief Play Description: 

The game’s levels have specific start and end locations, with an assortment of slugs and items placed in specific locations. The player must navigate each level primarily by walking, or occasionally dashing or jumping (with certain consequences). He has a three-step life bar, which is reduced one step at a time by contact with slugs or environmental hazards. Certain slugs and hazards can cause instant death, however.

The game is broken down into areas, each of which has four levels. In three of the four levels in an area, the player’s goal is to reach the exit. In the fourth level of each area, the goal is a glowing plug: ideally the desired Plug of Destiny, but more likely just another of the many Plugs of Indeterminate Potential. Each area unlocks one specific power of the suit, once the player acquires its particular Plug of Indeterminate Potential.

Accomplishments and credits
Team Image: 
Migs Abarintos

Submitted at IGDA Manila Game Jam (Philippines)


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