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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
Platform or System: 
Short Introduction: 
Don&Mon is a adventure, puzzle game. Help Don & Mon to save them from flood. Resolve puzzle and find ....
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Installation Notes: 


There is a Win Build that run! You can download it ! Simply extract the zip in a folder and run the exe that you find inside!

The SRC contains all needed file to compile in win, and in Linux ...
Actually, there is no time to test other platform!

Actually requires blender and python 2.5 installed ... To play, you can find a game.blend, open in blender, switch in MainMenu scene and press p.

We're testing standalone installation:
We're working to build a version 4 win, a version 4 linux, a version 4 windows.
Actually it's not playable.

We encountered the followings problem:
1) In linux, Ubuntu, compilation success, but sound it's not available
2) In Windows, won't compile because there are some missing library <- ( fixed !!!! )
3) In Mac, we have same problem of linux!

Brief Play Description: 

In a very very ... world, there is forecasted a flood. All animal gone in to an ark, but two animal forget to go. Mon, a monkey, was too drunk to remember, and Don, a donkey, is too sleepy to wake up at the right time!
Mon & Don must find a way to enter to ark, but their lost their key. Only resolving puzzle, and go to island receptionist can enter in the ark to save themself.

Tech Tip:
Game is developed in Blender, Gimp, a model in Cinema 4d, Audiowave to manage audio, Photoshop CS4 2d.
( Mixed TEAM :D )

The idea was to develop a "Monkey Island like" game based on mini game ( like marble game, puzzle, repeat sequence game, etc. )
In actual development, we have two minigame ( a marble and a repeat sequence game ), about 4 scene that not contains none of animated, 2 test scene of the 2 main actor, an introduction and a fixed credits scene.

If you click "New Game", you can see introduction ... The text displayed is in italian ...
After the text scrolled you can click left mouse button and you can view first scene.
If You want to go to next scene, you must click on the paper on the ground.
The next scene is another void scene. If you want to go to the next scene you must click on the paper under the bottle. On the next scene you must press 'n' key of keyboard.
In this scene you can view first puzzle game, a repeat the sequence game .... To advance you can press 'n' key.
Now, you can see our first actor ... Don. If you press space, you can view Don run, and if you press up arrow, you can see Don raise his head.
You can access to next scene by pressing 'n'.
In this scene, you can see second actor of our game: Mon. Mon is a monkey! If you press 'space' on keyboards Mon walk, if you press space Mon move his head.


We hope to finish this game soon!

Accomplishments and credits
Team Image: 
Riccardo Pulvirenti
blender foundation, e-ludo interactive, ggj, gimp, ggj! Audio Artist/Audio Manager/Song Composer: Riccardo Pulvirenti 3d Model: Scuderi Giovanni Luca, Claudio Murolo, Rodolfo Ungheri, Dario Mazza, Sebastiano Merlino, Giuseppe Ravità Animator: Sebastiano Merlino Marble Game: Rodolfo Ungheri Texture (scene and object )/Model porting in BGE: Dario Mazza Scene Compositor in BGE: Dario Mazza, Scuderi Giovanni Luca Preview Scene Texture/Model Texture: Rodolfo Ungheri, Giuseppe Ravidà, Sebastiano Merlino Team/Game Logo/Scene Texture/2d Artist: Giuseppe Ravidà Marble Game/Preview Scene: Rodolfo Ungheri Python Scripting: Claudio Murolo, Sebastiano Merlino, Scuderi Giovanni Luca Repeat the sequence Game: Claudio Murolo Storyliner: All team Blender Startup Tutor: Scuderi Giovanni Luca

Submitted at E-ludo interactive (Italy)


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