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Find Love

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Game Information
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Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Short Introduction: 
Guide Princess Kalu in her search for love. Theme: deception.
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Just run the .exe file!

Brief Play Description: 

“Find Love” is an eclectic experience for players who like exploring and contemplating an atmospheric game world with unconventional gameplay. Inexperienced players will for once be at an advantage when it comes to completing the game, as trying to understand the game won’t necessarily make you any smarter. The game deceives the player as what seems like a zen exploration game suddenly turns into a Real Time RPG mock up where high tempo is key.

You take on the role as Princess Kalu in her search for love. You move around, and encounter enemy monkeys in your way that you have to fight. Where is the love? Why can’t you find it?

You control the game by pressing the Spacebar to progress in the World view. When in Battle View, you can carry out the combos needed to win the battle by pushing the different attack buttons (directional ones). You switch between Attack and Defense stance via pressing the Spacebar.

Spoiler alert:

“Find Love” has ‘Deception’ as its main theme. There are many different forms of deception in the game. The fighting control scheme and fighting mechanic makes the player believe she is carrying out a lot of actions consciously.

The game lies about its own game mechanics. It is meant to confuse a skilled player who is trying to figure out how the game works. The newbie player just pushing buttons on the other hand wins. Gratifications flash over the screen, like fast level ups, special attacks, upgrades, stat boosts. But fight outcomes and upgrades have no impact on the rest of the game system, except that you are set back in the World when defeated.

There are three interface meters (bars) the player can follow: health, shields and love. Does the love bar have an impact on your progression in the game or not? What will happen when you run out of health? Will going into defensive stance help you when low on health? Or are other button combinations the way to go? Some conventions are upheld as well to keep the deception going, as when getting defeated.

The fact that the game suddenly turns into an action packed RPG without warning, is intended to throw the player. A screen that tells you the battle controls (“Fight!” being communicated as “Find Love!”) pops up the first times the random battles are triggered. Themes of romance and seduction are made into fight metaphors.

At the end of the game the big deception is revealed. The player sees Princess Kalu turn into a monkey. All along, she has been searching for herself – fighting herself and her inner (monkey) demons. To find love you have to love yourself first.

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Take Five Game
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Submitted at Nordic Game Jam (Denmark)


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