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other platform
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from what I gather, everyone is making games for the PC.
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I'm freelancing for people at the Miramichi site, helping them in any way I can, from finding tutorials they don't have time to find, to actually helping with game mechanics/animations all the teams here are full, I've been left out, don't have the experience to work on my own, and am not motivated to just help any one group with the small parts they may need help with, so I'm filling that small void in every group at this location, which is in about 5-6 groups
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Did I mention Miramichi is Awesome? apparently a previous title made it seem otherwise >.>... oops :P, but seriously, not only a totally radical community college, but many walking trails, plenty of places to fish, the usual farmers market, an archery range, aquatic center, you name it, it has it... well you name close to anything and it has it :P, no space ships or high tech phazer guns... yet XD. so... that game with the robot and the deer that turns into a robot, I helped figure out how to get the character you play as walk along the slopes (we used a line rider tutorial) and sort of helped figure out how to get the character to not move while the whole background moved, a whole 3 hours of help, the other people that had wanted my help didn't need it, the games all look pretty sweet... the people with whom I was originally intended to work with didn't show at the school until today, and it turns out that they had struggled slightly with the code... I know how to program in Java :( (I just can't wrap my head around double buffering)... sitting around a whole weekend watching what other people are doing, throwing a constructive comment here and there, and otherwise doing nothing, is boring as hell... man... I wish I knew enough programming to throw together my own thing :(. knowing you can do something, and not being able to do it because your not needed, is a real bummer, even more so if you're being marked on participating in this thing, I do look forward to next year though, seen some pretty sweet stuff come out of this weekend, and would love to be a part of one of those things next time round... but hey, I already knew I'd be upset about not being able to tag my name to something, so what am I complaining about now? :P.

Submitted at Jalloo Miramichi (Canada)


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