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Go, Fat Hamster, Go!

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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Short Introduction: 
Ever since Fat "Lucky" Hamster had his carrot field plowed over for apple and orange trees, Fat Hamster has longed to eat a carrot once again. One day, when a carrot's scent whiffs by him, he cannot resist the temptation to follow. Unfortunately, the apple and orange trees aren't happy...
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Brief Play Description: 

Go, Fat Hamster, Go! has a control scheme that is simple, intuitive and is designed for anyone with any level of gaming experience to play.

:..>Stop Key
Fat Hamster automatically rolls along at a set speed. To stop Fat Hamster from rolling around, simply press the Left Arrow key. Hold down the left arrow key to make him stop for as long as you want. When you let go of the key, Fat Hamster will automatically start rolling again.

NOTE: There is no way to roll BACKWARDS in a level! So knowing when to stop moving and when to start moving again is the key to wining!

:..>Jump Key
To make Fat Hamster hop up in the air while moving, simply hit the Up Arrow Key or press the Space Bar! You only need to tap it once to make him jump and he jumps in the same exact arch no matter how you press the button. Jumping distance, speed and angle however DO CHANGE depending on the surface area or object Fat Hamster is launching off of and how fast he is rolling.

:..>Falling Apples and Oranges are also physic based objects! That means you can actually use hazards to your advantage to progress the games. Be creative!

Reach end of level.

Game completion time average: Five Minutes!

Accomplishments and credits
Team Image: 
Jordan White
Molby Jean
Rob Smith
Jordan White = Game Design/Audio/Video (www.jordanwhite.net) Grant Kot= Lead Programmer, Physics Simulation Jo-Anis = Background Art, Lead Artist Rob Smith = Concept Artist Bill Struwe = Object Artist Molby Jean = Creative Director/Concept Writer
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Take Five Game
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Lo-text Game
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EGA Lives Game

Submitted at Bloomfield College (United States)


3 minutes

I can beat this game without skipping anything in 3 minutes.


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