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[Internal Name]: Asteroids Plus Blue (Also Mario)

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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Short Introduction: 
In their search for a nearby spaceship, 2 aliens will only survive by relying on the other's talents. The terrain is fraught with illusions and lies which are most certainly dangerous. But honestly, it's the truth that will kill you here.
Screen Shot: 
Installation Notes: 

Must have XNA Game Studio Redistributable, two Xbox 360 remotes, and one pair of red cellophane glasses (like the old 3D ones, but both eyes are red). Player two must wear red cellophane glasses at ALL times throughout gameplay.

Brief Play Description: 

2 player only side scrolling PC game. Artistically influenced by the simplicity of Asteroids, in the spirit of a classic arcade game.

[PLEASE NOTE: The concept of the game is difficult to grasp without the use of two players with one of them wearing red cellophane glasses]

One player wears red film glasses that hides obstacles the other player can see. The player not wearing glasses must tell the player wearing glasses of the obstacles, for if one dies, they both die and restart the level. Can you reach the end with the least amount of deaths? Deaths and Coins are tallied in the Windows bar at the top left of the screen.

In our more realized concept, beyond what we were able to complete within the time frame, each player has a slightly larger set of abilities which are unique from each other.

Only through trial and error will the players discover their own unique abilities, and how these abilities are dependent upon the other in order to gather objects, and continue forward.

[KNOWN ERRORS: The second level simply restarts the players at the beginning of the screen. There are no end conditions.]

The temporary name is derived from the graphical fidelity of Asteroids, plus blue, and the side scrolling adventure of an old Mario game.

Accomplishments and credits
Team Image: 
A BIG thanks to the sound team! We couldn't have done it without you! Also, thanks to the team behind Co-dependency, whose model from last year's GGJ helped inspire the relationships between our two players.
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The Hack
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Lo-text Game
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Universal Language Game
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EGA Lives Game

Submitted at DePaul University (United States)


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