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Lost in Dimensions

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Game Information
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Windows XP or Vista
Short Introduction: 
A unique single player 2.5D puzzle game where the player controls two characters trying to help each other through the levels.
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The player controls two characters (Lucas and Molly) who are on each side of the screen which is divided into two. The player can switch between the two screens at any time and need to do so since he or she can only control one character at a time. The goal is to move the characters around on the level until they can reach a door placed on each screen. The player can use items laying around to move to different platforms. Though the tricky part is that the items are only useful for the character on the opposite screen. Here is where the portals comes in. There is one portal placed on each screen. The player has get the items from one screen to another with the help of the portals in order for the characters to be able to move further on the platforms.

Story and message(for those interested)
The story is about Lucas and Molly, a middle aged married couple. They are both lost in each different dimension and are desperately trying to find each other. There is a twist in this story, a message to the player. Lucas and Molly will never find each other. They will keep on looking for each other for eternities. This is because the whole game represents a relationship, whether it is a relationship between a husband and wife, siblings, relatives or just two friends. The two dimensions represents the minds of two different persons in a relationship. The message in the game is that no matter how hard we try to understand the other one in a relationship, we can never fully understand what is really going on in his or her head. The items that Lucas and Molly are sending to each other through the portals represents the communication, thoughts and exchanged experiences in a relationship. Just like there is different obstacles in Lucas' and Molly's journey of seeking each other, there is different levels in a relationship.

So at first sight of the game it might be understood as a very sad and depressing story but if you look at it from a another point of view (in this case as a relationship) it can actually makes some sense.

Accomplishments and credits
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Tobias Viklund
Designers: Tobias Viklund and Kasper Iversen. Artists: Ludwig Sjöberg, Björn Röjgren, Christian Christiansen and Adam Arvidsson. Programmers: Dennis Persson, Mattias Hakulinen and Victor Öfjäll. Music: ”Throat Singing Loops” by shagrugge and ”Female Vocal Harmony Chores” by Shannon Hurle. Special thanks to: http://free-loops.com/ and http://www.independent.nu/
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Take Five Game
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Universal Language Game

Submitted at PlaygroundSquad (Sweden)


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