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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Older Macintosh
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'Monkfish: Noms for the poorfish' is a deep sea survival game where you play as a Monkfish that uses poorfish as a shield against the perils of the environment.
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The player is a Monkfish in the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean. They will view the world from a top down perspective and navigate in 2 dimensions through the dark and murky void.

The player collects glowing food particles which he uses as power (power level is indicated by how much you glow. Glow also affects your radius of sight) to generate small food particles near other helpless fish. These fed fish are then deceived to follow you, acting as a shield against the hostile environment.

Mainly there are simply aggressive creatures that will stalk the player and eat one of the followers and eventually eat you if you are left alone. There is also the deceptive angler fish who will lure the player with an appendage that mimics a glowing food particle and then could strike and eat you if you get too close.

Accomplishments and credits
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Brian Cummings - Design, Art, Audio* Angelo Hizon - Design, Art Nicholas Lindberg - Design, Art Shannon Smith - Design, Programming Navid Milani - Design, Programming Music and sfx from freesound.org (except the nom.. that was me!)
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Instant Online Gratification Game
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Singing the Body Electric

Submitted at Cogswell Polytechnical College (United States)

Karma Adjuster

Beautiful game!

My only suggestions are to add more variety in the types of fish you eat, and the blood splatter you see when eating fish doesn't do it for me. I'm not sure anything is needed for that, and when I see red it indicates to me that something bad has happened. As for the smaller fish, you could just scale down the other fish you built in or maybe even just populate the map with a variety of different fish and use a simple rule of {is this fish smaller than me. If yes, EAT!} and then possibly scale the player fish up some while scaling everything else down. It might even be interesting to see smaller versions of the anglerfish that could be eaten if the player got large enough.

Perhaps those are suggestions for another 48 hours though :)

Great work!


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Press enter to start the game


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