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Game Information
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Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Platform or System: 
Platform note: 
This game supports cross-platform networked games
Short Introduction: 
A 3D networked PC & Xbox360 game that, when finished, is intended to be an homage to the party game "Murder" (aka "Turncoat"). Written in C# with XNA and HLSL for shaders.
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Installation Notes: 

The installer is a .rar file. If you do not have the capability to access .rar files, I suggest downloading and installing WinRAR. The installer is setup.exe. This game uses the .NET framework and XNA with HLSL shaders, so it may not run on all machines.

Brief Play Description: 

This game is unfinished. The original concept for this game is as follows.

This game was to be modeled around the party game "Murder", also known as "Turncoat". In the "real-life" version of the game, players are assembled in a group. One or more of them is "The Killer". The identity of the killer is known only to the killer. In each round of the game, players are instructed to close their eyes and keep them shut. When this happens, the killer taps one of the other players on the shoulder to indicate that they have been "killed". After a short time, the players open their eyes to find that one of them has been "killed". The goal of the players is to discover the identity of the killer. The goal of the game for the killer is to "kill" as many players as possible before getting discovered.

In this game, the plan was to have a randomly-selected killer among a group of players connected by LAN. Killers would be informed of their role in the game and would try to kill as many players as possible before being discovered. The goal of the other players would be to get to a destination within a set time limit, and the goal of the killer would be to stop them from doing so by either killing them or causing them to turn on one another through fear and suspicion.

Accomplishments and credits
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Lee Bolgatz - Programming, Management, Concept development, Design, Writer Marc Hewitt - Concept development Todd Cutter - Concept development Josh Howard - Research
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Take Five Game
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Community Game

Submitted at NHTI (United States)


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