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Game Information
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Short Introduction: 
this game lets you shoot different objects on screen that are moving randomly using a scope. the scope also moves randomly. the objects that are moving are of two types i.e. innocent(marked by while circle) and enemies(marked by black cross). Initially all the objects look same but later on after few seconds the innocent change colors to show themselves. when an innocent object is shot score is deducted where as in case an enemy is shot the score is increased.
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Installation Notes: 

on an Apple MAC where an iPhone SDK is installed just run the xcode project and build for iPhone device with valid provisioning profile.

Brief Play Description: 

all the objects are moving randomly on the screen including the scope. when ever an object comes under a scope you press "shoot" to shoot the object. avoid shooting the innocent objects marked with white object and based on the object shot your score will be increased of decreased.

Accomplishments and credits
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Shahryar khan Hassan Ali Usman Mushtaq Shuaib Khan Towhid-ul-Islam

Submitted at FAST-NU Game Jam (Pakistan)


plz check out

worked on this game in a very short time .... cudnt get the graphics done.... but the work is there.....


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