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Oh No! A Black Hole! Thank FUCK for the Intergalactic Removal Agency!

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Game Information
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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Older Macintosh
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other platform
Platform note: 
Flash Player 9 or higher
Short Introduction: 
Oh No Blackhole! (Play here: http://j.mp/ohnoblackhole ) is a digital board game where hide which team you are playing for and trick the other player into helping you win. Deceive your opponent and trick them into helping you to win.
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Installation Notes: 

If you downloaded our game:

Open your web browser and then drag the 'game.swf' file that is part of the download into the middle of your web browser screen.

If you want to play online (without any downloading) you can do so here: http://bit.ly/ohnoblackhole

Brief Play Description: 

Oh No! A Black Hole! Thank FUCK for the Intergalactic Removal Agency! is a digital board-game-style game revolving around an astronomical disaster which you must work to avert! A solar system is on the brink of being sucked into a black hole and being lost forever and various corporate companies are working to secure contracts against the system’s various planets in order to profit from the salvation of the planets’ citizens.

Oh No Blackhole! (play at http://bit.ly/ohnoblackhole ) is a hotseat multiplayer game in which each player (representing a corporation) plays various dastardly, deceptive event cards (all publicly detailed) in an attempt to sabotage other companies and claim the solar system’s various planets as their own. Controlling the greatest number of planets is key to victory and gaining planets adds to each player’s victory points total. On top of this, planets share various trade routes and companies can claim these for extra victory points.

To keep things competitive players can undercut each other and destroy trade routes and reclaim planets from one another to gain more victory points. Naturally, the player with the most victory points at the end of the game wins!

Accomplishments and credits
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ValMaster Flash
Craig Stevenson was also team member.
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Instant Online Gratification Game
GGJ-2010 Achievements: 
Take Five Game

Submitted at Scottish Game Jam (Scotland)


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