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Path of the Monk

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Game Information
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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Older Macintosh
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Short Introduction: 
The Monk must make his way through the maze of rooms to reach the exit guided by two clairvoyant Spirits. The catch? One Spirit is secretly against the Monk and hopes to lead him to his demise.
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Brief Play Description: 

One player controls the Monk and directs where he will travel. Some rooms are hostile, others will help him. The other two players control the two Guiding Spirits who attempt to influence the Monk's decision with chat and on-screen cues. Only the Guiding Spirits have any sort of foreknowledge about what lies in each room.

Should the Monk reach the exit the win is awarded to the Monk and the Helping Spirit. If the Monk runs out of life points before then, the award goes to the Hindering Spirit.

Accomplishments and credits
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Gabe Smedresman, Brian Cronin, Brendan Mauro, special thanks: Jessica Bower, Chris Cornell, Steven Sulgit
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Instant Online Gratification Game
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Take Five Game

Submitted at Cogswell Polytechnical College (United States)


As a matter of fact

Hey Karma, thanks for the interest! We do in fact want to continue work on it and are gonna meet up later this month. Glad you (and your friends) like it so much.

Karma Adjuster

Tuning suggestions

If any of you are still working on this, I have a few recommendations.

Currently it feels too hard. So far I have had a success rate of 30% when playing with just two players with the spirit helping as the hinderer. If played as intended, I don't think the monk would have a chance, and when the monk does win, it feels like complete luck. There are a few things that i think could be done to combat this though.
1. Reduce the number of monsters
2. Increase the amount of health
3. Give both spirits a greater view of the board (but probably not greater than 50%)

I also toyed with the idea of swapping the hinder and helper views, but i think just reducing the amount of over all death would be helpful.

Oh, and an extra feature that might make things more interesting for the spirits is that if they could at any time place down a marker on a square that only the placing spirit could see that would allow them to switch the identities of the spirits to the player on the command of the placing spirit. Once the player crosses this marker, it would then be armed and ready to be used by the spirit whenever they want. I think this would create for much deeper deception as well as greater strategy.

Also thank you for separating your tags :)

I'm looking forward to showing this game off to more of my friends. So far it's been a hit.

Karma Adjuster

separate, your, tags, please, :)

Don't forget to separate your tags with commas. Right now you just have one long giant one. I'd also add monk, path, spirits, and 3 player to your tags. It makes it a lot easier to search for (and for me to show it off to others).

Great work!


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