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Pitch-Black Labyrinth

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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Short Introduction: 
A short maze game that allows you to move only when the whole screen is blacked-out. Here, "Obama the bug" is trying to escape from hell and find his way to heaven by going towards the light. Only being stopped by the traps of "Osama bin Slugen", the devil slug. Try it and see what's so deceiving about the gameplay.. =)
Screen Shot: 
Brief Play Description: 

You can only move Obama the bug during the pitch back mode. (photographic memory is an advantage to the game)

Controls are the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT keys of the keyboard. - the controls is another deceiving part of the game so try experimenting with it on the first level. =)

Try going towards the light before the time in every level is over.

Complete all levels to gain unlockables.

Lastly, Enjoy!!! =)

Accomplishments and credits
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GGJ-2010 Achievements: 
Take Five Game
GGJ-2010 Achievements: 
Over Achiever
GGJ-2010 Achievements: 
Alternate Control Game

Submitted at IGDA Manila Game Jam (Philippines)


2 in one.. or one in two..???

have you heard of 2 in one games.. like they did for family computer and gameboy cartridge long time ago... now we made a 1 in 2 games...

We made the same game in two different platforms!! Woohoo!!! That's unity.. That's why we're so productive & platform efficient.. For those who love to play flash games.. we have made one version for you.. and another version made in XNA... Woohoo!!!

A very rare ONE in TWO game... ;) *wink wink


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