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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Short Introduction: 
On an asteroid mining quarry in deep space, two robots are fighting to gather all of the precious ore. Each robot has the power to use its collected ore to produce counterfeit ore that causes the other robot to malfunction and release its ore supply.
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Installation Notes: 

This game was developed using XNA for Windows PC and XBox 360 consoles. To run the game, one must have previously installed Visual C# Studio Express and XNA Framework 3.1. Download and unzip the "Quarry.zip" file to your machine. Open the Deception directory and click on the Deception project folder. Build the Deception solution file and run this project to play the game. The game requires two XBox 360 game controllers to be connected in order to play this game.

Brief Play Description: 


Using the left thumbstick to guide your robot across the screen to pick up the ore samples that periodically appear on the screen. As your robot collects ore, you can choose to have your robot produce a counterfeit ore sample. A robot that consumes a counterfeit ore made by another robot will malfunction for a few seconds and lose some of their ore supply. The game ends after two minutes with the winner having the most ore by the end of time.


Left Thumbstick: move robot
A Button: Drop medium-size counterfeit ore
X Button: Drop large-size counterfeit ore

Accomplishments and credits
Team Image: 
Peter Hague was the Lead Artist, Sound Engineer, and co-Designer of this game. Jon Whetzel was the Lead Programmer & co-designer of this game.

Submitted at Rio Grande Gamers (United States)


Easier to play. Hard to replay.

Once the Quarry project folder is downloaded and unzipped, it is easier to play the game by going to: Deception/Deception/bin/x86/Debug/Deception.exe
Also, to exit the win screen you must hit the "Back" button, not the "A" button. Oops.
Have fun!


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