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Rain Game

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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Platform or System: 
Mac OS X
Platform note: 
Uses flash 9
Short Introduction: 
The Rain Game is a short mini game were you make it rain on a plain planted with corn by seeding clouds by clicking on particles.
Brief Play Description: 

Rain Game is a simple game involving rain clouds, a plain, and a lot of trial and error as we learned flash and actionscript. We have two versions - one with better art, and one with better code.

Accomplishments and credits
Team Image: 
alternategamer TobiSaulnier
GGJ-2010 Achievements: 
Instant Online Gratification Game
GGJ-2010 Achievements: 
The Hack
GGJ-2010 Achievements: 
Take Five Game

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