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So It Floats

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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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A game about a terrorist monkey pulling a sun around a planet. Make a cloud rain, make a tree grow and give the apple to Adam and Eve. The greatest seduction in human history.
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Terrorists can be friendly people who take good care of their children. Who give money to beggars and are polite in traffic. If you bump into them in the grocery store, nothing hints at what they are capable of. And even then, it depends on the side you're on whether you find their professionalism repulsive or admirable.

The monkey in So It Floats is such a terrorist. Working for Satan, he executes routine assignments on paradise planets. There he crams apples down recently created couples' throats. A symbolic gesture that will irreversibly drive them from their settlements. Tough? Yes. Rightful? Perhaps. Because: who decides whether the cheerful young lad and lady have the right to live in Eden at all?

(So It Floats is also a game in which you pull a sun around a planet, let a cloud rain and make a tree grow. Resulting in the greatest deception in human history.)

Accomplishments and credits
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Peter Heil
Simon van der Linden
Thomas Schmall
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Instant Online Gratification Game
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Take Five Game
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Lo-text Game
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Universal Language Game

Submitted at Dutch Game Garden (Netherlands)

Thomas Schmall

Level Image

Here is an image of the new level graphic. I redid it, since the first one was not working quite right. Had a lot to learn in the short amount of time (all level art is done with traditional media) - but I always wantd to try something like that, so it was great.

Right now people are loking at the game and judge it - and despite the fact that we dont even have half the things in we wanted to, people like it. Very interesting to get this direct feedback.
And I still would like to d more with the idea.


Thomas Schmall

We have it all 3: Intimacy

Project status: Unknown. I have no clue if that pic will be even in there. Too bad - its the most romantic thing I ever drew in my life ;)

We'll see - half an hour left - and the programmers heads are smoking.


Thomas Schmall

We have it all 2: Temptation!


The sleeping teammembers are slowly coming back - hoping to be able to put in a twist still we came up when being delirious tonight :)
Art redo is going well.

Thomas Schmall

We have it all 1: Nudity

Start of a 4-parts series called "We have it all".... besides the monkey of course! nuditynudity

Thomas Schmall

Our temporary level background.


We aim to test our idea in half an hour - it is about morphing this one into night, which is drawn in a different style. You can use the night and day switch for solving a puzzle.
We have a lot of time left - so if all goes well we might even have time for fine tuning.

Thomas Schmall

We have a monkey!

We have a monkey!We have a monkey!


Awesome concept!

This is incredible..!


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