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Spok the Chameleon

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Flash Game
Short Introduction: 
You play as Spok, the chameleon, and must use its abilities to hide and flee from the predators who want it for dinner. ** Unfortunately, we couldn't finish the game, due to a lack of time and experience in programming. Read the "play description" for more info...
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The game is simple: you have to guide spock to the end of a labyrinth, while avoiding enemies. The difference is that there are a lot of enemies, all of them trying to get you. The only way for you to get safely to the other side is by using your natural camouflage to deceive your enemies. The only problem is that, Spok didn't learn to change to every color (he's still a young chameleon). So, in each labyrinth, there will be areas, delimited by lines, that when crossed, will allow Spok to successufuly change and blend in the background. The final objective is to reach the end of the labyrinth safely.

** As it is, the prototype is far from functional. As stated before, the main problem was our lack of skill in programming. The only things working are: player movement, collision between player and labyrinth (we didn't finish the maze too), only one enemy, with movement and collision with the maze and invisibility (press SPACE the see Spok fading).

Accomplishments and credits
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Tiago Ling Alexandre
Game design: Fabio Hakoyama, Paulo Frank, Pedro Gabriel, Tiago Ling Programming: Paulo Frank, Tiago Ling Art: Fabio Hakoyama, Pedro Gabriel, Paulo Frank

Submitted at PUCPR (Brazil)


Don't give up

Whereas your game is far from finished, I'd like to encourage you to complete it, as the idea behind it is a nice twist to classical maze games.


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