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Spy Wear

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Game Information
Platform or System: 
Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Mac OS X
Platform note: 
Python, Pyglet and Twisted Matrix required
Short Introduction: 
A multiplayer game of spies. Hide in plain sight and carry out missions or eliminate your opposition, while all the time trying to remain undetected. Blend in with the civilian population as best you can . . . because if you don't, the other spies will be able to find you that much more easily.
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Installation Notes: 

A Readme.txt is packaged with the game with Installation/Playing notes.

Installation Instructions

Install Python 2.6 (we used Python 2.6.4)
Install Twisted Matrix (We used Twisted 9.0.0 for Python 2.6)
Install Pyglet (we used pyglet 1.1.4)

Brief Play Description: 

How to Play

You can identify your player by the glowing red circle around his feet. No one else but you can see this circle.

On the left hand edge of the screen, you can see the dossiers of the spies in the area. Your own has a red border. The top right of the dossier shows you what that spy looks like and the bottom right shows what mission they're on (usually which building they have been commanded to inspect).

Occasionally, information about the other spies in the area will appear on their dossiers, but not stay forever, so it's up to you to decide what to do with that information (and how long you think it will remain useful).


You gain 1000 points for either completing your current mission or assassinating another spy (be it via silenced pistol or bomb detonation). The first player on 7000 points is the winner.

If you kill a civilian (either by shooting or bomb), information on you will be displayed on your dossier for all the other players, making it easier for them to find you or sabotage your mission.

If you are killed, your dossier will show that you are dead and you will have to wait until you respawn at a random building.

Accomplishments and credits
Team Image: 
Marc Chee
Sam Maniscalco
Jeremy Apthorp (nornagon@nornagon.net) - Programming Aevar Bjarnesson (saursveppur@hotmail.com) - Modelling, Animation and Music James Carlton (jcarlton07@gmail.com) - Art Marc Chee (marcchee@gmail.com) - Sound Effects, Programming Joseph Gentle (josephg@gmail.com) - Programming Sam Maniscalco (dropmac@hotmail.com) - Art and Modelling
GGJ-2010 Achievements: 
Take Five Game

Submitted at Game Jam Sydney (Australia)

Marc Chee

Release Version and our website are up

I'm not sure how much people are watching this anymore, but we've put up a playable version on our shiny new website: http://holyrobotempire.com

Check it out if you want . . . and feel free to email us if you discover anything weird about it . . . it's still 99% the 48 hour build so it's probably got a lot of things that still need ironing out.

Marc Chee

Release Version

It's in the works guys . . . we're just setting up some bits and pieces so we can get to work, then we'll iron out some bugs and make it reliably playable then release version 1.0 (which will be exactly the same game as we made at the Jam, just without the random crashes etc)


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