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Squeek Sneek

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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Flash 10
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A stealth game where you are a mouse infiltrating a restaurant in search of cheese. You must use timing and distractions to get around the chefs. Once you have the cheese you have to get out alive.
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Try to nick cheese from the restaurant kitchen! Just don't get caught. Chefs are everywhere and will catch you if you stay in their sight. Bring cheeses back to home. Watch out for mousetraps. Sabotage items in the kitchen by clicking on them - makes a good distraction.

Accomplishments and credits
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Music is also all our voices(in a MIDI file).
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Instant Online Gratification Game
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Singing the Body Electric
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Universal Language Game

Submitted at Newport (Wales)


My big loves

Not sure about the IP for the music, but the changing theme works. I love the fact that the cheese is really hard to find, so the game is as much about search as stealth. Thought it would be nice to have some more feedback on a successful cheese retrieval, but the hard nature of the task was rewarding in itself. Think the warning prior to death was just about perfect; enough time to TRY to get to cover, and to weigh risks of a dash with caution. Generally well balanced, with the distractions not strictly being necessary, but also to be used sparingly. Really think that dropping the cheese should be an option, but maybe the encumberance is part of the diffuculty.

Not sure if my previous comment was saved, as we lost network. However, there was a bug with IE8 and Flash where clicking the X button didn't return you to the splash screen, with the fade to black sticking. Secondly, on two occasions, the camera following the mouse failed in the bottom right part of the kitchen, making it impossible to drop the cheese.

4 Stars - due to occasional bugs, but very good. And early, which is all the better.


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