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Vile Haberdashery

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Commit fratricide in the most devious of ways by exerting your influence over the various leeches and hangers-on of your Victorian family. Be the last sibling alive and claim your inheritance! Innovative multiplayer game style for iPhone.
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As an iPhone game, the source code is available but you must have the iPhone SDK installed in order to play the game at this point. You will also need to install Cocos2d-iphone version 0.8.2 (NOT the newer 9.0 beta, since there are some differences). If you don't have access to the iPhone SDK, we'll be posting video soon, and we're submitting it to the App Store - check in about 2 weeks or so to see if it's been approved.

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This game is played on one iPhone. The phone is passed to each player on their turn. 2-4 players may play this game at one time.

Each player assumes the role of a different Vile sibling: Anastasia, Roger, Lucretia, or Damien. In front of each Vile, there are cards representing the different subordinates under their command.

Snoop on a subordinate using the Maid. The Maid will reveal everything about a subordinate: Their allegiances, if they are carrying a weapon, and their susceptibility to different influences.

Once the weaknesses of different subordinates are exposed, a player might take advantage of them by speaking to the corresponding person. The Gardener intimidates subordinates with his brute strength and offensive body odor. The Butler flatters subordinates with carefully-chosen praise. The Maid blackmails subordinates with her extensive knowledge of private affairs. Each option causes a Vile's influence over a subordinate to rise.

A Vile may only influence a subordinate directly in front of them. The Butler has the ability to trade subordinates between Viles.

Weapons may be given out freely among subordinates. The Gardener will give one of three weapons to a subordinate when he is asked to do so by a Vile. If a subordinate with a weapon is moved in front of a competing Vile, the chance to kill that Vile becomes a possibility.

A player dies when two conditions are met: A subordinate with a weapon is in front of them, and there is enough influence among all of the subordinates in front of them from a competing Vile.

The last player alive wins the family fortune!

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Hannah McGill
Gerritt McGill - Artwork, project management, voice talent Hannah McGill - artwork, game development, voice talent John "CC" Chamberlin - programming, game development Hector Saenz - artwork, game development, voice talent
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Singing the Body Electric

Submitted at New Mexico State University (Learning Games Lab and DACC) (United States)


Vile Haberdashery has been released!

The game is now available on the App Store. Get it now.


So cool a teenager will play it!!

My teen daughter loves this game! She found the comedy in the twist of the 'clue-like' game. Great job!


Sign up to be notified

You can now sign up to be notified when the game is released. Go to the Vile Haberdashery web site and enter your email address, and we'll notify you when the game is ready.


Vile Haberdashery site is up

I just finished the Vile Haberdashery web site, which we will use to promote the game once it's accepted to the App Store (hopefully in about 2 weeks).


Submitted to the App Store

Last night, I submitted "Vile Haberdashery" to the App Store. The version that will show up there is improved from the 48-hour one, but only marginally so - some reworked graphics, some instructions, a save game feature, some interface tweaks, and that's about it. It was fully playable and enjoyable at the end of the 48 hour mark; the changes were just to make it accessible to people who didn't have someone who knows how to play there to help them.

Watch for it in about 2 weeks on the App Store.

(In other news, play reports from people outside our team are rolling in; people seem to like this game.)


Very cool game play mechanic

This iPhone game is different... it's a party game. So, you download the game on your iPhone... then get your friends and pass the phone around, each taking turns trying to 'kill' each other. It's a very fresh and different approach.


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