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Game Information
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Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
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Surveillance game, you are a spy sitting in a secret location listening for conversations people are having in their homes, trying to tell the good guys and bad guys apart and sending SWAT teams to bust the criminals.
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Installation Notes: 

The Windows version has everything bundled.

Linux and other platforms will need to have Python and PyGame installed. Usually they're available from your distribution, e.g. on Ubuntu it should be sufficient to install the 'python-pygame' package.

Brief Play Description: 

There's a number of households. Every household has a voice. The
game has a number of prerecorded phrases for each voice. There are
two kinds of phrases: benign and suspicious. There are two kinds of
people: obedient citizens (who use only benign phrases) and terrorists
(who use both benign and suspicious phrases). Every household has
only one kind of people in it: either terrorists or obedient citizens.

The point of the game is to eavesdrop conversations and send SWAT teams to
households. You get points if you capture terrorists. You lose points if you
arrest good citizens.

You have 16 listening stations in front of you, each of which is capable of
eavesdroping a single household. You can tune in or tune out. You hear
all the conversations from listening stations you've turned on simultaneously,
which makes the game difficult. There are buttons to send SWAT teams. When
you do that, that particular listening station is switched to a new household
after a certain time.

Accomplishments and credits
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Team oosum ---------- Eglė Zioma Ignas Mikalajūnas Marius Gedminas Žilvinas Ledas Voice actors ------------ Denis Akoronka Eglė Zioma Ignas Mikalajūnas Lukas Lukoševičius Marius Gedminas Žilvinas Ledas Graphics -------- Eglė Zioma Programming ----------- Ignas Mikalajūnas Marius Gedminas Executive Producer ------------------ Ignas Mikalajūnas
GGJ-2010 Achievements: 
Take Five Game
GGJ-2010 Achievements: 
Lo-text Game

Submitted at LTGameJam 2010 (Lithuania)


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