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Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Short Introduction: 
It's a who dunnit, but backwards. You are the killer. The game plays like Memento as you navigate various flashbacks and try not to break causeality. Your goal is to keep your lies congruent in order to lead the detective to the wrong conclusion and arrest someone who isn't you.
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Run the EXE

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YOUDUNNIT is a murder mystery game (set in outer space, yo!) where you're pretty much the murderer, and the whole thing kinda plays "backwards" in time: you're retracing your steps starting from a few hours after the murder and ending up mere moments after said killage. Or to put it another way: have you ever watched that really cool movie called "Memento"? Yeah, game time kinda works like that.

The problem is that while you're retracing your steps in the past, there's a detective in the present asking you questions and stuff about the events you're reliving. Doing stuff in the past PROPERLY allows you to escape scrutiny. Breaking causality, on the other hand, and allowing your behaviours to completely and utterly make no fucking logical sequencing sense is meant to represent a "hole" in your story, and you'll get caught out and thrown out of the airlock with a bunch of babies or something.

To win, you need to do the following:
- maintain causality
- keep at least one other crew member as an ambiguous suspect
- frame that crew member when the time comes

To do this properly, you'll need to REMEMBER shit and keep track of it in your noggin because that's what a good liar is supposed to do. If you hand someone a sandwich three hours into the past, make damn well sure you pick up a sandwich when the opportunity presents itself an hour earlier than that. The detective ain't going to remind you to do this, and the game certainly isn't going to either: it's your lie, so you're responsible for it.

We understand that this game can be confusing as fuck, and we can assure you that it was a bit brain-breaking at times to dev too. We thank you for playing it, and if you manage to get through the story (win or lose) we hope you have a good dose of fun and enjoy the creative experiment we've offered.

Accomplishments and credits
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Rodain Joubert
Danny "dislekcia" Day - everything Marc "Aequitas" Luck - everything Robbie "Squid" Fraser - everything Rodain "Nandrew" Joubert - everything
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EGA Lives Game

Submitted at UCT Game Jam (South Africa)


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