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Zombie Wedding

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Game Information
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Windows XP or Vista
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Windows 7
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Mac OS X
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Older Macintosh
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other platform
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Written in Java, runs from executable Jar file
Short Introduction: 
A new spin on the phrase "shotgun wedding". Zombies? Mad people? Who you saving? Are you feeling deceived? Save the wedding and become a hero!
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Installation Notes: 

Unzip the game data.

For windows:
run "RUNME.bat"

For Mac or Linux:
run "ZombieBride.jar"

Brief Play Description: 

Game: Zombie Wedding

Team: The Kidney Harvestors
Coding: Tim Neumegen, Mike Neumegen
2D Art: George Phillips
3D Art: Thomas Verbeek

What is real at this 'shotgun wedding'?

You arrive to the wedding, only to find that there are zombies everywhere! Use your weapon to cleanse that zombie scum off the floor. You don't want cake unless its soaked with the blood of those zombies...

But maybe...

Its your best mate's wedding and some deranged lunatic with a gun is shooting at everyone from the bar! Save the guests from the psychopath by pushing them out of the line of fire!
Which side are you on? Which side are you not on? How deceptive...

If shooting, use the arrow-keys to move up and down and the mouse to aim. Left-click to fire.
If saving guests, walk up to guests using the arrow keys and click to push them to the ground.

Accomplishments and credits
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Ben Bishop and David Suggate
GGJ-2010 Achievements: 
Take Five Game

Submitted at Dunedin (New Zealand)



Yeah sorry about that...we didn't have time to put in messages to explain what is actually going on or numerous other features for that matter.

Basically there are two 'stages' of the game. In the first stage you are a guy with a gun shooting zombies at what looks to be some kind of zombie wedding.

After 15 seconds the game fades out to a normal looking wedding with a crazy gunman (The gunman follows exactly what you did in the first 'stage'). You are now the "hero" in the green suit with glasses and you must push over the wedding guests to prevent them being hit by bullets.
Our aim with this game was to deceive the player. In the first stage it is the players natural instinct to shoot zombies. However, in the second stage the player realises the gunman is crazy and was actually shooting humans at a wedding.

There are seven different endings to the game (The newspaper at the end of the game). For example if you don't shoot anyone while you are the gunman and then push guests over while you are the hero the newspaper will read "Drunk man at wedding tackles guests".

Hopefully this sums up all the story telling we should have had in-game.


Wasn't sure what to do

Game looks good, but I wasn't entirely sure of what I was doing.


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