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28 Minutes Later

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
It’s a zombie apocalypse, you and all the players are surrounded by zombies and you all run towards the last piece of un-infested land where you think you'll be saved by the military. But the military left and you’re all alone left for dead. Every single human will die in the end, but the last man standing wins the game.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 

Goal of the game: be the last man standing
The board: a grid of 37 hexagons (3 circles)
Max 6 players:
Each of the players gets 9 people (pieces).
The outer rim is populated with 1 zombie/tile
Each tile can hold a maximum of 3 people (mixed players) and 3 zombies at the same time
Each player has per round:

  • 1 move of maximum 3 people from one tile to the adjacent one
  • 1 move of maximum 3 zombies from one tile to the adjacent one

You can move on into a tile that is empty without any constraints
If a tile is occupied by other players:

  • If you move the same nr of people or more than there are in the destination tile you can push them out to any adjacent tile of your choice, only if there is space (there cannot be more than 3 humans in a cell) and! You cannot swap places
    • If you move less people than there are in the destination tile, there has to be a final maximum population of 3
      • If you move into a cell with zombies you cannot push them out

      Any zombies can be moved by the players when there turn comes
      Once a zombie is in a cell with humans it threatens to infect them and convert them. The defending player has 1 move to run, by the end of the round his people must be safe in a sepparate cell or they will be converted.
      Each zombie can turn only 1 human into a zombie per turn
      You cannot move a zombie away from humans, it wants to stay there and eat them
      Once your population is wiped out you are dead but still playing: as a zombie you get to make 2 zombie moves per turn
      Instead of making a zombie move, a player can chose to add a zombie on one of the cells in the outer ring

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Submitted at Nordic Game Jam (Denmark)


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