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5 o'clock rock

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A board game in which dinosaurs run from a cloud of dust created by a comet. Unlike most board games, the chance element comes from a deck of playing cards.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
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Players use low-value playing cards to run from the comet which is causing mass extinction or face-cards to strike blows at their opponent's chances of survival. In addition, the board itself has other affects which can help or hinder the players' fight for survival. Now open source!!

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Zip files are of the game board files in PDF form and full source files in INDD and PDF. Recommended playable size is 25"x25" board including rules, however, it should be playable on standard paper for the clever person with tape!

You will need a deck or two of standard playing cards to play. I recommend using gummy dinos as player tokens for maximum affect. You will also need cloud tokens (up to 60)--small pieces of paper work well for this.

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Submitted at Spartasoft MSU (United States)


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