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ADAPTATION: A Game of Survival wih up to 4 players! The family survival game! Keep your species from becoming EXTINCT by adapting to environmental conditions and reaching the evolutionary goal. CAN YOU SURVIVE EXTINCTION? • EVOLVE your species to the environment by switching the adaptation parts. • ENDANGER your opponent’s species by playing environmental change cards. • NATURAL DISASTERS cards turn the table of the game.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 

• 4 Species
• 36 Adaptation Parts (12 Scales, 12 Fur, and 12 Fins)
• 48 Environmental Change Cards (16 Water/Flood, 16 Heat/Drought, 16 Blizzard/Cold)
• 6 Natural Disaster Cards (4 Tornado, 2 Meteor)
Be the first player to survive the environment and make it to the finish. Through strategy, adapt your species and use environmental condition cards to make the environment work in your favor and work against your opponents. ADAPT and SURVIVE!
At the beginning of the game the first player is determined by whose birthday is the closest to the current date.
Next the deck is shuffled and each player is dealt 5 environmental cards.
The remainder of the deck is placed face down to form a DRAW pile.
The first player now begins the game. Each player can choose ONE of these THREE options each turn:
1. Take a card from the DRAW pile, then the player MUST play one card by placing it face up in the DISCARD pile. Then, each of the other players must react accordingly to the environmental card played depending on how their species adaptations are set up.
2. Trade 1 card with another player. Each player gets to pick a card from the others deck. The players may shuffle their hands before the trade begins.
3. Switch the Adaptation parts on their species.
Evolve Squares: When the player reaches an EVOLVE square they may add another Adaptation part to their species from the remaining parts. NOTE: You may only reach an EVOLVE square on YOUR turn, if an opposing player plays a card that would move you to an EVOLVE square you may only move to the square before it.

• Blizzard/Cold- When this card is played all players with FUR move forward. You move forward the same amount of FUR pieces your species is wearing.
• Flood/Water: When this card is played all players with FIN move forward. You move forward the same amount of FIN pieces your species is wearing.
• Drought/Heat: When this card is played all players with SCALES move forward. You move forward the same amount of SCALES pieces your species is wearing.
• Meteor- when this card is played all opponents must move back to the last EVOLVE square they passed.
• Tornado- all players must forfeit their hands to the DRAW pile and draw five more cards after the draw deck is shuffled again.

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Print out game board and cards (print out 2 copies of each card). You can use any item you'd like as game pieces.

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Submitted at University of Denver (United States)


Seriously consider marketing


This game was vary professional and seemed fun, I think that you guys have a potential to tray and market this game in some way shape or form. Would really like to see this outside of GGJ someday


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