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Play Almost Extinct


In Almost Extinct, you do not control any of the creatures you see on screen. Instead, you have to use your abilities to manipulate them. When a caveman and a cavegirl meet, they let nature take its course and a little caveboy or cavegirl is born. The cycle continues and humanity thrives.

Enter the dinosaurs that will eat your cavepeeps. Use powers such as the Meteor or Lightning strikes to incinerate them. Or call upon a mini-volcano to burn large groups of dinosaurs. The earthquake ability stuns all dinosaurs and lastly the whirlwind ability scatters all creatures on the screen including your cavepeeps.

You only lose when all cavepeeps die and humanity is extinct.


Use keys, 1 through 7 to quickly switch between powers.
Practice mode allows you to familiarize yourself with the powers at your disposal.


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