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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
GGJ (Gadu-Gadu Jitters) is a simulation of emoticons-like creatures, that only purpose is... to survive. But noones try to kill them. They just might die of old age. Save is in procreation. Faster, than people die. Game is as real as demographic situation in europe. Each female have to give birth to 2 children, in order to keep the populance. Untolerantly, only male-female emotes can produce emotes. Make love not war!
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Brief Play Description: 

Your objective is to reach given populance of living Emotes. Click ctrl to change your Emote, use cursors to manuver. Space to procreate.
Female will eventually become pregnant and give birth to from one up to 3 children. Children need time to grow up. Pregnancy takes about 1 minute, growing up also up to one minute.
Each emote can die because of natural causes. Time to live varies from 2 up to 3 minutes.
You can observe different behawiour of Emotes. They will cry ifyou loose or joy together with the player.

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
everything made by Bartlomiej 'Usher' Gajewski. basic example was taken from http://www.freeactionscript.com/ and kept in the source files. Graphics and sound were taken from Gadu-Gadu communicatior, popular polish instant message software.
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Submitted at PolyJam (Poland)


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