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Apocalypse Rock

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
It's a popular doomsday scenario: an asteroid slams into the earth triggering a mass extinction. Unfortunately for Earth, alien invaders have caught on to the idea.
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Brief Play Description: 

Your objective: destroy the population and defenses of Earth's major cities to pave the way for the destruction of the planet.

Your asteroid is on an unalterable collision course thanks to gravity but you have control over its left and right movement (A and D keys on the keyboard).

Your primary weapon is the asteroid itself - use the arrow keys to aim and space bar to hurl chunks of it at the enemy below. Each shot comes out of your total mass - blow all your mass too early and you'll be left unprotected against enemy fire! You also have a limited number of shots with your powerful Omega Strike.

The puny humans below will be shooting at you. You can take a good deal of damage, but each hit also knocks off some of your total mass.

Your goal is to reach the surface still more-or-less intact while destroying as many puny humans as possible. The more mass you hit with at the end, the bigger the resulting boom and the more you wipe out!

Upload History

Jan 30, 3pm (give or take a few minutes) - Deadline build. Win/lose conditions not implemented yet and enemy fire doesn't yet do damage.

Achievements and Credits
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Brandon J Smith
Programing: Brandon Smith <br /> Art: Jamie Brewer <br /> Music/Sound: P.J. Vilsaint <br />
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Submitted at University of Advancing Technology (United States)


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