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Benny Lava

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
There is Lava. It wants to burn you. You would prefer if it didn't. Unless you are the Lava God, Benny, then burn them all.
Brief Play Description: 

Welcome to Benny Lava!

The volcano is erupting, and sending lava down upon the poor natives. The lava god, Benny Lava, hates the natives, and their stupid huts, and wants them all to burn in his lava. The natives don't like the idea of this, and will try to last as long as they can against the torrents of lava coming down the mountain.

As the lava god (mouse), place new lava vents, and raise and lower terrain to direct the flows. As a native (keyboard or gamepad), build huts, collect followers, run for your lives!

Best for 3 or more players (use gamepads or see README.TXT for keyboard controls), up to 8 or so, but can be lots of fun to drop lava and burn natives on your own.

More details on the website: http://bigscreensmallgames.com/BennyLava

Check out our time-lapse recording of the creation of Benny Lava here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSbXu9D9lag

Please download the installer from the link in the downloads section below.

If you wish to install to the Program Files folder or another "protected" folder on Vista or Windows 7, you'll need to right click on the installer executable and choose "Run as Administrator." Though, for all games downloaded from the Global Game Jam site, or any other non-professional site, I'd recommended *not* running with administrator access rights - who knows what nasty bugs may lurk!

Achievements and Credits
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Jimb Esser - Engine programming; James Laird - Design and gameplay programming; Nick Duguid - Art and other fun things; Libraries used: Game Library of Victory, fmod, SDL.
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Submitted at Cogswell Polytechnical College (United States)


Youtube video of development

Jimbly made a cool time-lapse video of Benny's development.


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