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Blow Me!

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
You are a blue block. Your opponent is an orange block. You hate each other, how do you solve it? Blow him off! (no really, blow him!).
Brief Play Description: 

ATTENTION: Run in Windowed mode, the game's missing a quit button!

Blow Me! Is a 2 player game. One player controls the blue cube and another player controls the orange cube. The objective is to throw the other player off the platform by blowing or sucking air.

~If someone touches a red cube, it explodes (explosion effect is missing) and removes a little bit of health. A player's color transitions to white as health decreases.
~If someone touches a spike (or a spike cube), that player dies.
~If someone touches the surrounding walls, that player dies.

By default, the controls are:

Player one
Move: A,D (left, right)
Jump: W
Exhale: E
Inhale: Q

Player two
Move: Arrow Keys (left, right)
Jump: Arrow Key (up)
Exhale: Left click
Inhale: Right click

While player one is a bit unconfortable, this configuration worked for our keyboard (recognizes almost all keys pressed at the same time). You can change these controls as you please before launching the game.


We're missing a bunch of stuff, like a score, an AI controlled bot, time tracking and the ability to exit from the current stage (yeah, currently you have to restart the game to change stages u_u).

We'll continue working on it untill we complete it.

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
~ Programming (in no particular order): Jonathan Valle (Zheroth), José Ugalde (Pepillou), Favio Minaya (Thanuz). ~ Art : <missing component> *sad face* ~ Music : EliteFerrex [http://eliteferrex.newgrounds.com] ~ Sound FX: FreeSound [http://www.freesound.org/]
Installation Notes: 

It's a Windows exe. Just open it!

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Submitted at Igda Cem (Mexico)


The game has some little


The game has some little flaws, but all in all is pretty cool.


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