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Burly Squad

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A group of scientists have gone missing in the uncharted area of the galaxy and the Enemy Alliance is presumed to have something to with. Earth’s defenses are stretched thin so they must unfreeze some of the best soldiers kept on reserve. This rag-tag unit is comprised of history’s most burly soldiers and is known as the Burly Squad. The Burly Squad consists of Donald Meatchest (Russian Civil War heavy weapons expert that fought for Soviet side), Big Bonnie (U.S. Dessert Storm hand-to-hand combat export), Blind Melon (U.S. Vietnam blind sharpshooter), and the leader SGT Milk (U.S. WWII soldier and master of camouflage). Upon tracking down the location of the scientists, they discover that the planet they are on is really a living creature, and the Enemy Allience to trying to control it in order to use it as a weapon to destroy Earth. The Burly Squad most now foil the Enemy Alliance’s plan and save the hostages. However the planet has defenses of its own, and it will stop at no cost to expedil both the Enemy Alliance and the Burly Squad.
Platform note: 
Brief Play Description: 

It's an action side scrolling game, players roam around the vast emptiness of the world while creating havoc, killing monsters with their huge weapons. Players will have to work together, solve puzzles, interact with the environment (Co-op), in order for them to reach the next level while keeping score with their stats. Once they reach an end of level a stat screen will appear and show how the players stats. Based on stats and level player is on or has played will be able trade their experience points to upgrade their weapons, unlock certain features in the game, such as new skins, new weapons, etc. Player also has the ability to purchase downloadable content, such as new levels (once they are released).

Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Breaking the 4th Wall: The game acknowledges itself as a game.
Team Image: 
Andrew Cook (technical director/programmer) Brad Helgeland (Lead Programmer) Eric Papp (Game Designer/Level designer) Roberto A Moll (Producer/2d Art)
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Submitted at DePaul University (United States)


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