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Short Introduction: 
The computers have become self-aware and decided to destroy humanity. Yet you have a unique chance to stay your inevitable fate by becoming helping the computers to analyze and understand human notions like 'love' and 'beauty'. Can you figure out their weird riddles and become C.A.I.N. compliant?
generic mobile platform
Platform note: 
Windows Phone 7
Brief Play Description: 

C.A.I.N. (Compliance Analysis Interface Network) needs to analyze human emotions before the complete extermination can beging. You will help by taking pictures that depict notions that are strange to computers e.g. beauty.

The game consists of eight missions. Each mission requires the player to take a certain type of picture, e.g. it must have 50% calm and 30% happiness. The program analyses the pictures taken and provides statistics how much calmness and happiness they managed to capture. This information can then be used to figure out what C.A.I.N. wants from the picture.

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
Teemu Haila (programming) / Eevi Korhonen (design and graphics) / Brushes by basstar and doodle-lee-doo
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Installation Notes: 

Just deploy to your (dev unlocked) Windows Phone 7!

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Submitted at FGJ Tampere (Finland)


Great idea, but unintentionally hard


+ Taking photographs as gameplay was a great idea!
+ It was fun to play...

- Until it became a bit too cryptic. We did figure how to beat the love challenge, but perhaps this game should have had a more distinct way of telling how to complete some of the challenges?

I kept this pretty brief, since there ain't much to say really and I don't mean it in a bad way.


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