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City fireflies

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
We are using a 15x10 meters LED screen in the facade of Medialab prado in Madrid. Topic: Several environmental dangers are threatening human life: Buildings, pollution, cars. They are eating all the space around and our mission is to draw clean spaces with the help of a bright light: A torch or our mobile phone light. In this first prototype we only have one level with a lot of evil monster representing the city aggressions. If the monster extinguish all the free space, we die and maybe will extinguish too soon.
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Platform note: 
We are using a 15x10 meters LED screen in the Medialab Prado media facade
Brief Play Description: 

The players must stand at the Medialab square. They should turn on their mobile phone screen and start running through the square using the mobile phone screen to remove the monsters before they eat all the screen.

If the players resist more than a certain amount of time without having a certain amount of screen conquered by the monster (both parameters depends on the level), they win and go to the next level.

City Fireflies is compatible with all the mobile phones in the markets, with lighters and torches and can be played by one or many players.

Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Bits and Pieces: The game has both physical and digital elements.
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Game for a Cause: The game is about a social or political issue that can be solved solely through increased awareness.
Team Image: 
Thanks to Medialab Prado for letting us use their great LED screen and Global Jam Madrid for organizing this nice event. Thanks to OpenFrameworks for their code. Video: We use a song by "Rabato" called "The Gijs"
Installation Notes: 

This game is made for the LED media facade at Medialab Prado.
We use openFramework with openCV.
You need to have the openFrameworks environment running in your platform:

And compile changing the screen mode to full screen. The screen template is adapted to the screen system that they use in the media lab.


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Submitted at Universidad Complutense (Spain)


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