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Colonial Powers

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A deck of cards represents the planets resources, and players take turns pulling resource cards from the deck and trading. The game ends when the deck is depleted, but players can perform combinations with their cards that not only give them points, but return those resources to the deck. The player with the most points when the deck is depleted to less than five cards wins.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 

Up to four players will pull two cards per turn from a deck of 80 resource cards. Four different resources (food, water, metal, and timber) are in the deck, and players can have a hand of up to 8 cards. On her turn, the player can perform as many combinations as she would like and trade cards. Any combos she performs returns those cards to the deck, which is then reshuffled. Combos are various combinations of the four resources cards that can involve up to five cards. Each combination she can perform has a point value that is added to the her score. Once the deck is depleted to under five cards, the player with the most points wins.

Additionally, a random effect is given(based on a die roll) at the top of the turn order that is a global rule for that round. A new random effect is given at the top of the turn order.

Please see the design notes for complete game rules and notes.

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Stephen Bohannon
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Submitted at Xylem Creative (United States)


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