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Play Colors War


The game begins with a title screen. The player have the choice between starting a new game, start the Survival Mode, choose his level or start credits.

New game : The player controls a colored paint ball evolving in a closed level. Each level contains two complementary colors (for example, red and green) ; and each enemy is colored by one of these. The enemies which are of the same color as the player can be absorbed let him grow up and became bigger, whereas the enemies which are of the opposite color reduce the player's size. The goal is to become as big as possible, because if your size is reducting to the minimal, you die. The players wins the game if the two colors bars are full.

Survival : The players controls the same paint ball that in the main mode, but colors are black and white. In this mode there's no color bar, so there's no victory condition : the player plays until the ennemies kill him.





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