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The Day Old People Fought Dinosaurs

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This game is a real-time/turned-based tactical game where two teams fight for survival: dinosaurs and old people. Each team is controlled by a human player, both on a single keyboard. The whole game is split into many two second long turns during which both players enter their commands at the same time. When a turn ends, the commands get executed. The commands correspond to the four directions the player controlled creature can move in (up, right, down, left). If a creature moves into an empty cell, nothing happens. If it moves into an opponent's creature, the opponent's creature will be eaten if faced from a side or the back. In addition, some cells have items that grant various bonuses: Muffin - makes the opponent skip the next turn; Crystal - prevents the player creature from being changed for 5 turns; Present - creates a new creature for the player who took the present and places it on a random spot in the map. Lastly, some cells contain "STOP" signs which simple act as obstacles that block the way. After each turn the game cycles to the next available creatures for both players and sets them as active: they will execute the commands the player inputs. This requires the player to constantly keep an eye on which of his creatures is currently being controlled. The purpose of the game is to simply destroy all of the opponent's creatures. The first player's creatures are controled with the W, A, S, D keys, and the second ones with the directional arrow keys (up, right, down, left).
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Linux / Unix
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Submitted at LTGameJam 2011 Kaunas (Lithuania)


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