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Destroy All Newmans

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Jerry Seinfeld's arch enemy, Newman, has made evil clones of him self and is out to destroy Jerry and take over the world. You (Jerry) must fly your makeshift plane and "Destroy All Newmans" before they take over!
Android mobile device
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Basic side scrolling shooter on a mobile device (iPhone and Android). Hold it to the side and tilt the device up and down and left to right to move the plane. Tap anywhere to fire at the evil Newman clones.

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Submitted at IGDA Salt Lake City Chapter (United States)


Not to playable yet & getting it on device takes some work

I used a toolkit called Corona to put the game together. Admittedly I was learning it as I went, so there's not a lot to this game. Also the accelerometer is working the same way in a device build as it was in the simulator (with Corona Remote). All in all, the game isn't terribly playable yet. I'll try and upload an update once they open it back up for that.

Also I couldn't get the game running at all on my T-Mobile myTouch phone, but it would run on my iPod Touch. This might be a bug in Corona's stuff, so I'll take that up with them.

When I get those fixed, I'll post some instructions on how to play it on the device. It's easier to get it on an Android Phone than an iPhone. Android doesn't require any Jail-breaking, whereas iPhone would require that (or signing up as an iOS developer which is $99 a year).



how do i play it on my droid?

don't know where to move it over to, or find in once on droid


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