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Dissolution: A Space 'Venture

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A game designed to test your friendships in a battle for the fate of mankind in a brave new world. Do you have what it takes to undergo an epic space 'venture!?
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Platform note: 
Game music and CC calculator on companion website.
Brief Play Description: 

Dissolution is a game that pits the players against each other in a battle to claim a berth on a new planet with limited resources.

The game unfolds in three phases where the players will gather new resources, support their populations, and take actions to better themselves or hinder other players.

The first player to reach a population of 5 and successfully support it wins the game. Be careful, however, as other players will be attacking your resource stocks and even your people to stop you from coming out on top.

Achievements and Credits
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Bits and Pieces: The game has both physical and digital elements.
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Game Design / Testing: Tim Russo, Amanda Smith, Emily Schmidt Companion Website: Emily Schmidt Original Artwork/Music: Sara Gross
Installation Notes: 

The main game is included in its entirety in the main PDF. Simply open, print and cut. The currency pages will need to be printed multiple times (3x for 1CC, 2X for 5 and 10 CC).

In addition, there is a companion website (in the included .zip file or found here) that goes with the game which provides a couple of enhancements:

1. Soundtrack! Create the right atmosphere with some original music we cooked up to set the mood.

2. For the mathematically challenged and lazy, it includes a calculator to track each players CC amount, bonuses, and generation (You don't even need to go find a d6!).

3. And finally, an online copy of the rules for easy reference.

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Submitted at Miami University (United States)




Wow, this game that I just heard about from out of nowhere is super fun. I was able to download and play using only a simple printer, dice, and the handy dandy calculator. I cannot wait to tell more friends.


I suck at basic math, thanks


I suck at basic math, thanks for the calculator. Can't wait to try this out!




After submitting my "completely objective" rating of "awesome" for this game, I'd like to thank Tim, Amanda, and Emily for being great teammates!

The quick setup and simple rules for the game made it much more accessible for someone like me since my eyes glaze over at instructions spanning longer than a page.

I expect to see even greater things from all of you in the future :) And if you ever secure a nest egg of carbonaceous chrondite, I hope you'll share with me.

Oh yeah - WE JAM'D DAT!


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