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Dungeon Smash

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A town is under siege from an evil boss in a nearby dungeon. You and other adventuers are in a race against dungeon to find and kill the boss and erase it's race from the world.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
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The game is combination of tiles and cards. There are no dice and only one maker to represent you in the dungeon. The tiles are pieces of the dungeon maze and he cards represent game play. Cards are seperated into different categories (Action, Event, etc.) cards also have four abilities on them a resource, weapon, treasure and explore numbers. These numbers are used to determine costs to travel in the dungeon and determine damage, health and ability to turn tiles on the board.

Players have a number of choices with cards and can use them as they see fit. Players will always have a hand of five cards and spend the cards to attack, spend treasuer and explore.

Players will spend explore points to turn over tiles. They will then spend the resources in their hand to resolve the tiles they turn over. Play will continue until they do not have the resources to spend and die, or they take on and defeat the end of the dungeon.

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Submitted at IGDA Philadelphia | IndyHall (United States)


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