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You wake up in a dark room with walls covered in propaganda posters, ahead stands a door. When you approach you notice a yellow warning sign on the front of the door that reads "CAUTION, Sunlight Ahead"... Welcome to the world of Enigma! Enigma is a first person puzzle game where light is your enemy. You must unlock the mystery's of the alien world of Enigma.
Platform note: 
Its a Computer Game!
Brief Play Description: 

Unlock the secrets of the world of Enigma. Solve light based puzzles as player traverse an eerie war torn complex.

"SPOILER ALERT" For our narrative we were gonna add Dialog and Propaganda Posters across the landscape (which did not make it). The mission of our narrative was for the player to listen to Propaganda over loud speakers talking about how monsters that can live in sunlight are taking over.

Our core mechanic is avoiding sunlight, this along with the trashed vacant city landscape and constant reference of "Light Monsters" gives the players the assumption that this is post-apocalyptic and the human race is about to get wiped out.

Since the theme was extinction player would then be tricked into thinking they are one of the few humans left. With some inspiration from our previous chair for our school department Brenda Brathwaite and her game Train we trick the player into doing something very bad.

At the end of the game the player activates a computer console at the top of a tower, This was gonna cut to a scene of the tower creating a huge white flash. We then would have cut to a new scene of a news paper about a new prototype weapon while a dictator gave a speech on how we had eradicated the light monsters.

The camera would pan across a still of a destroyed city and dead bodies of dead bobies people. The Light Monsters were not monster but regular people, The game revolves around a conflict between humans and a subhuman group that lives underground and cant be in sunlight. Lead by a dictator the subhuman groups tried to take over cities above ground, In order to take over the surface the subhumans built an experimental weapon to cause the extinction of the human race which was activated by you.

Like Train the our game talks about genocide and how we can be driven to eradicate an entire race of people. In order to make killing a group of people justifiable many dictators have resorted to calling them "creatures" or "monsters". we tried to simulate that by playing off the players lack of knowledge of the underlying political conflict in the game.

Though we failed to fully implement our desired narrative we are gonna definitely try and revisit the world of Enigma to fully create our true narrative.

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Game for a Cause: The game is about a social or political issue that can be solved solely through increased awareness.
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Alexander Rohn
Christopher -Be...
Alexander Rohn - Lead Designer, Producer, Level Designer, Kismet, Secondary Modeler Christian Goforth - Level Designer, Producer, Designer, Voice Actor, Writer Christopher Berry - Lead Level Designer, Lead Kismet, Texture Artist Mariska Allan - Lead Artist, Modeler, Concept Artist, Texture Artist Michael Grayson - Lead Sound Designer Sarah Davis - Sound Designer Priya Koppikar - Artist, Concept Artist Soumitra Goswami - Modeler, Texture Artist Chris Mathews - Modeler, Texture Artist Matthew Cowdery - Artist, Concept Artist, Texture Artist
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Submitted at Savannah College of Art and Design (United States)

Alexander Rohn

Getting Closer!

sorry for posting late, it is currently 3:00 on Saturday. Our Kismet/Level designers Berry Man is gonna get some much needed rest while we start set dressing the game.

We figured out a more economical way for the damage triggers for our sunlight mechanic by using a Trigger volume instead of a zillion Triggers.

We got all the Music and voice acting clips from our sound designer earlier today. yesterday we wrote the dialog and Christian delivered his lines. The sound is going extremely well and our three sound tracts are pretty sweet.

So far everything's going according to schedule!


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