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Extinct Me (formerly known as "How did the monstersaurs die?")

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Can you handle being the last human being in the universe? (used to be: "You kill monsters. Eventually, they all die out. So you breed some. ")
Intel AppUp (Netbook, PC)
Platform note: 
made with Game Maker 8, so pretty much anything that can run it can
Brief Play Description: 

Player can move in all cardinal directions, like a 2D top-down game. Player can decide to kill or be killed by monster.

(used to be: Game starts with you, in a seemingly desolate, isolated locale, where monsters try to eat your sweet human body. So you do what nature has hardwired into your brain and kill them for self-preservation (or so you tell yourself). But the monsters have a finite count, so they will all eventually run out, even if you restart the game. With every game instance, the monster population dwindles until they reach, extinc--wait for it--tionary! (okay so that doesn't really work). Then you realize, 'man it sucks when a gun-totting, monster-killing guy like me doesn't have a monster to kill...like a chef without food, or a pharmaceutical company without disease in the world, blah blah blah etc'... Well, that or 100 years into the future (Global Game Jam 2111!), some little girl tugs on her mom's hand and asks her, 'mommy, how did the monstersaurs die?' A real tragedy. Being the hero that you are, you cannot let this travesty come to pass. So you come up with the next good idea in the long list of good ideas, just after deodorant and pop-up blockers...you will breed monsters!

Basically, it's a shooter, 2D topdown perspective like 10tons' Crimsonland. The catch is that the enemy NPCs (a.k.a. monsters) have a finite count, so eventually you will run out of things to shoot. (The plan is to make the number of monsters finite across all game instances---meaning a central database of the monster count. Or even if the finiteness is restricted to only one game instance, then at least restarting the game or replaying the game shoudl still reflect the diminishing monster population. Enter the breeding mode (that sounded like a lame pickup line or something). You can pick up gene samples from the monsters you have killed and attempt to breed those little buggers. So it's a game that starts out as Doom then ends up as Neopets, then you can go back and kill your creations. It's a vicious cycle.)

Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Breaking the 4th Wall: The game acknowledges itself as a game.
Team Image: 
mark.ringol (aka Ringol Starr) - original game design, game maker manipulation MikeTien (aka Tien Man) - additional game design, game art)
Installation Notes: 

Just plug into a machine that can run *.exe files, double click, and play away
(play at your own risk of seeing something more inane than Will Ferrel screaming 'Flint Mega Bowl!')

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Submitted at IGDA Manila x UP ITTC Game Jam (Philippines)


That's that

It's been fun. I had a date with destiny...and she ordered lobster.


You can do it little Nicky!

Breed it's frickin' head off!


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