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The Extravagant Outgoings of the very nearly extinct Cubist Dinosaur

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The Extravagant Outgoings of the very nearly extinct Cubist Dinosaur is about saving the Dinosaur from iminent extinction.
Platform note: 
We believe, given the hardware, we could easily build for XBox 360
Brief Play Description: 

Avoid hazardous pitfalls by placing logs. Use blocks to slow the dinosaur down by turning him around (the dinosaur will eventually destroy the block). Use the scissors to destroy falling/fallen meteorites. All of these features cost points.
Reach huts to help avoid extinction and to earn points.

Known issues:
Keyboard controls don't seem to work correctly on the menus.
Falling down pitfalls doesn't always kill the Dino. Restarting from here will spawn the Dino in mid-air, where he remains stuck.
Additional huts don't add to the score correctly.
Some meteors get stuck in the air, and still damage the Dino.
Roughly 2 minutes in, the game frequently locks up. Possibly a draw-limit issue.

Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Game for a Cause: The game is about a social or political issue that can be solved solely through increased awareness.
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Picasso Lives: The art of the game is rendered in a Cubist style.
Team Image: 
Rich Benton
Installation Notes: 

-Use WinRAR or 7zip, or similar to extract the files, preferably to your desktop.
-It's likely you'll continue to need an Internet connection to install.
-Run setup.exe, preferably as an admin.
-Please accept the license agreements if they appear.
-Let it download the updates from Microsoft.
-'Publisher cannot be verified' - click Install.
-'Unable to install or run' - if at first it won't install, try the installer again. I don't think one of Microsoft's '.NET Framework installer' or the 'XNA Framework installer' works as it's supposed to, but it should detect it properly the second time.
-'Publisher cannot be verified' - click Install again.
-Your screen resolution may change. This is normal - don't panic!
-If things don't appear to be working correctly (navigating the main menu, etc.), you may require a wired 360 controller. Please see the attached instructions image for further controls.
-To play in the future; Start -> Programs -> Microsoft -> ExctinctionWindows [sic]

Thanks for playing! -Rich Benton

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Submitted at Staffs Uni Games Academy (England)

Rich Benton

Install guide

I've written an install guide, which can be seen just below the Game File link, and I've uploaded the Help screens for those who can't access them - can people wishing to play the game follow these instructions carefully. Thanks for playing 'The Extravagant Outgoings of the very nearly extinct Cubist Dinosaur'! :-)



Hey, thanks for writing the guide!

Will give this a try tonight.


Unable to run

Game hangs on selection in menu. Too bad. Looks sweet.

- Win 7
- ATI 3650 (mobile)
- 4 GB RAM
- XNA 4 & 3 installed

Rich Benton

Please try again soon

I'm about to give it a try on my PC, so I'll post any guidance I can to help people run it. Our coder may make a change or two to the installer to make it run on more computers - he is tracking the game's feedback...


New Version

Hey, yeah this is the first version of the game which did have problems running to begin with. But I believe we have fixed that now, just a case of waiting for them to upload the new version.. Sorry you couldn't play yet! :(


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