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Fin And Flesh

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Short Introduction: 
The theme is Extinction. The back story is about the shark is going to be extinct because of the hunting for their fins. The shark is trying to survive by laying its eggs at different locations, to reproduce quickly back his population.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 

To start the game, players will randomly pick the player role cards to determine their roles. Place the Chance, Speed and Fate cards on the board respectively to the spot C, S and F. There will be two starting points; one is for the shark while another one is for the fisherman. The fisherman can plant three traps which will be marked down on the mini map. Those markings can’t be shown to the player who is playing the shark. Traps and eggs can’t be planted at the red and green path. By deciding who to start first, roll a D6 rice. The player who gets highest roll start first.

At the start of his/her turn, a player rolls a D6 dice. Then if he/her arrive at a special spot, he/her take the card according to the letter. Only 3 cards can be stored and only possible way to throw them is to use it. Only 1 card can be play during his/her turn. Shark can use this card to dodge the traps. If a shark steps on a trap and he have a speed card, he can change his spot. The fisherman must declare the trap being activated in the end turn only to prevent the shark from playing cheat by using speed card to dodge when he knows the trap is there.

During his/her turn, fisherman can fire harpoon up to two. In every turn, fisherman gets a harpoon. Him/her declare the grid that is fired and the shark will check whether it is correct. Shark can only plant his/her egg at even number turns. 2nd,4th,6th.etc. He/she marks the grid on the minimap provided but can’t be planted at the red and green path. The traps and eggs are represented by the small card written on it. When the players have the traps or egg, he/she will take one and place it in front of him/her. Likewise, when a fisherman gets a shark fin, he/she take the small card written on it.

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Submitted at DGD STA RP (Singapore)


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