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Final Stand

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Aliens are invading earth, the battle is already lost and it's only a matter of time until they begin harvesting the planet for its resources...Well you being one of the few remaining members of the human military aren't too happy with that. You know there was an experimental bomb that is being kept and you know how to activate it. It wasn't used in the war because it was so powerful that using it would destroy the entire planet and everything else in the solar system. Well you fell like you'd rather blow up everything than let the aliens have it. Only problem is the building were the bomb is being kept has already fallen to the aliens. First you have to make your way there and clear it out. Then you have to defend the bomb until it explodes taking everyone out with a bang.
Platform note: 
Made in Flash
Brief Play Description: 

First a racing scene were the player drives a car and avoids enemy fire and obstacles and then when the player reaches the building the game becomes a side view shooter were he must reach the bomb. Then the player takes control of a turret and he must shoot down enemy saucers until the bomb explodes. The he wins....Sorta.

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
Diremerc(Jamie Carroll) Lead Programmer/Project Lead; Tonkatough (Jason Conroy) Programmer; LRichard (Luc Richard) Lead Artist/Sound designer; Solidus1andahalf (Bryce MacKinley) Programmer; olaf.godredsson (Rod MacLeod) Lead Sound Designer/ Programmer;
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

So long as you have flash you should be able to play these no problem

Level 1 (car chase) is playable but unfortunately doesn't have a win condition. So you play till you die.

Level 2 (shooter) doesn't run yet and was omitted from the project.

Level 3 (turret defense) If fully completed and is playable.

The files are not yet linked so each level is in its own folder.

We also have an intro scene and the ending scene in their own folders as well.

We hope to complete the project and have all three levels playable eventualy.

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Submitted at NBCC Miramichi (Canada)


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