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Play Generations


Creating your own especimen, you'll have to guide them to survive until the fifth generation. You may interact only with the present creatures (using the z,x and c buttons). The past ones will be controlled by your past actions. How many creatures can you get to the final generation at the same time?

In this alpha version:
- the first creature is a herbivore. You may choose the starting locations and up to 10 units.
- the second creature is a carnivore. Same as above
- You influence your creatures by pressing z (feeding behaviour), x ( neutral behaviour) or c (reprodutive behaviour).
- The recording system will remember your actions. In future plays, the past creatures will behave as you ordered previously.

Not available in alpha version:
- Health bars >.<
- the creature customization system.
- the map generation system.
- more creatures.
- bigger maps with navigation system.




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